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Business Studies HSC

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The Ascent HSC Business Studies app is designed for students who are completing the NSW HSC Business Studies course. The app is designed and written by a current Business Studies teacher with over 20 years teaching experience and consists of (3) main features; students notes, quizzes and business case studies. The student summary notes are based on current textbooks "Business Studies in Action 4th edition" and "HSC Business Focus". The notes are in a PDF format and will provide students with a deep understanding of the dot points. Each topic comes with (2) quizzes of 25 questions each. The quizzes require internet access as the user will be directed to a website which contains the questions. The quiz questions are multiple choice and multiple response. At the end of the quiz the user will be given feedback on how they scored and which questions were answered correctly and incorrect. Finally, there are (4) business case studies each one from operations, marketing, finance and HR.


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