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It's all here: 1. “BA Home” Directly linked to BidAmount’s most popular pages. Including the Weekly News Letter. 2. “Museums Asian”, Linked to 26 Chinese and Asian art museum collections. Tens of THOUSANDS of objects instantly available. 3. “Read Relax” online books and exhibition catalogs with good illustrations. 4. “Asian Art News” Direct links to what’s happening from a variety of globally respected sources. 5. “eBay” Direct links by category to see what’e getting all the attention at the moment. 6. “Marks” A quick link to reign marks, cyclical years and numerals. 7. “You Tube” A link to our You Tube page, we post something every week. 8. “Our Titter Feed” we use Twitter pretty often and share things we come across. 9. “Chat Box” As more folks use this app, you’ll be able to start conversations, share stories and information and maybe make new friends and contacts. 10. “Auction Houses” A linked direct connection to the leaders in the Asian art market. From China to the US.

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