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A vampire is cursed to love and lose the same human for all eternity… Will they find redemption or be cursed forever? Mýthos: The Crimson Chorus is a 2-Act dramatic rock opera about vanity, vengeance and vampires. 3 female leads, 2 male leads and a mixed chorus of 20 comprise the cast. At present, the libretto is finished, and the score is roughed out in its entirety. We are actively developing arrangements and recording demo versions of all the songs. If you like what you hear and have any ideas or comments, we’d love to know about it! You can reach us by: - donate to our fundraising campaign at - commenting on this website - liking us on our Facebook page - tweeting about us or sending us an email at (and if you happen to know or be a potential producer or investor, we’d REALLY love to talk!) Thanks for your interest, the Creative Team.

musical, rock opera, theatre

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