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Narviplastx Delivery Programme - Narviplastx is Specialised in Industrial Plastics. - In this App you can consult the Delivery Programme of Intermediate Industrial Plastics of the Belgian Company Narviplastx, who delivers all over Europe and in the Middle East. Materials which are covered are : ABS, PC, PSU, PPS, GRP, HDPE, HMPE, PA6, PEEK, PETP, POM, PP, PUR, PTFE, PVC, PVDF. Offline the Delivery Programme can be consulted in PDF. Online you can do advanced searches and even consult the Stock Situation. For Stock Consulting, you need a Login. From within the App, you can make direct phone calls and send E-Mails to consult our Sales Team.

abs, industrial plastics, narviflex, narviplastx, plastics, plastique, pp

Android Native


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