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Last Updated:Sun, Jun 25, 2017


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We fully reference all natural remedies including foods, nutrition, dietary changes, vitamins, herbs, supplements, and exercise to reach ideal wellness. Overall, fewer causes of illness are related to genetics. Most chronic disease, and even death is preventable by practicing healthy lifestyle habits. According to The National Cancer Institute, a sedentary lifestyle, inadequate nutrition, and excess body weight is responsible for 30% of multiple cancers. Healthcare providers, health coaches, and the general public use our education to not only reduce the risk of chronic illness, but to optimize health and extend longevity. After adapting to lifestyle changes, fewer individuals will require expensive traditional medical care and further benefit by wellness and anti-aging. Our database may allow reduction of medications for multiple health conditions with natural medicines. Preventive Health Advisor and Wellness Programs address the root cause of disease. Also see

about herbs, holistic treatments, home remedies, natural medicine, natural remedies, supplements

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