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Sacred Activations

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Tamra Oviatt is the founder of Sacred Activations (SA), a seventh plane energetic modality. She is an author, energy worker, professional speaker and teacher who trains advanced energy workers to use SA in their professional practice. Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems. Tamra was given the knowledge of the Sacred Activations by the Creator of all that is, and works with many of the unseen ascended masters, angels, lords and light beings to help raise our vibrations to joy and love. Tamra is so grateful for the privilege of helping so many people heal their lives just as I have also been so blessed to have been able to heal my own life. Master Certifications Theta Healing Instructor/Practitioner with Certificate of Science Hypnotherapy Neuro-Linguistic Programming Success Coaching Time Techniques (Huna) Emotional Freedom Technique Sacred Geometry Giver

meditation, sacred geometry, spiritual, spiritual healer

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