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WaspGuy Pest Control

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Last Updated:Fri, Jul 22, 2016


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If you have a wasp problem, bee problem or just have a question, this application will be of use to you. It contains the link to a website, documents, photos, facebook and live chat all centered around wasp and bee control. Even though this application maybe be free, the information contained within is worth your time. Have a question about a problem you have? Then use the live chat link to talk to Liam, a qualified pest controller. Not sure how the treatment will work? Download or view a document on the treatments available. Want to view images of Bees or Wasps, maybe for a school project or just for your own curiosity? Then spend time looking through the Images available and swat up on identifying these little creatures. ***There are some steps to downloading the app from AppMakr: 1) Android Native 2) Go to your File Browser or Files option app 3) Go to Downloads and find the app 4) Install You will be asked to allow downloads from unknown store. Simply go to Security and allow*

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